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The PV market should have a brilliant future stock market misogynist hollyland


In September 12th this year, the world famous fuse manufacturers hollyland technology attracted much attention in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was listed on the news. After the listing of nearly three months,the performance of hollyland (Stock Code: 002729) in the stock market will be good or bad? 
 Hollyland -- hollyland (China) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprises is  commitment to research,develop,product and sales middle and low voltage fuses, miniature fuses, resettable fuse over current, over heat protection circuit components . Listed on the same day, the new technology to reach 44% of the closing of Hollyland ceiling rose, the price of 17.14 yuan, is expected to achieve the target. As a new one, hollyland technology's share price has continued to grow, in the three month period once rose to 52.5 yuan, and listed on the first day of compared with the substantial growth, fully reflects the the huge development potential. 
 As a domestic product line the most complete, sales of the largest global well-known fuse students factory, Hollyland technology has a tubular fuse, radial lead type fuse, SMD fuses, fuse, power and self restoring fuse products ,which is one of the leading enterprises in the China circuit protection components industry. At the same time, Hollyland technology with 20 years of circuit breaker design, manufacturing experience, a positive response the requirements of global environmental protection, low carbon, a number of leading research for protection of the new energy field of power electronics system, especially the conservation study of solar photovoltaic power generation system wire, solar panels and related devices, professional development and the high performance of the solar photovoltaic system with fuse series, and through the CCC, CGC, UL, TUV, VDE safety certification, widely used in photovoltaic power generation system of the junction box, DC regulator, inverter and grid interface etc.. 
 According to the market research firm Paumanok publications Inc. the statistical. In recent twenty years, the global circuit protection components used are basically in the trend of rapid growth, is expected to 2014-2019. Global circuit protection components use compound annual growth rate will reach 5.5%, the amount of sales Compound annual growth rate of 3.3% to 2019 the total market will reach $66.97 billion. Hollyland as which representatives of outstanding enterprises, the listing to raise funds will be used to circuit protection components to expand production and construction projects, R & D center construction project, is bound to become the main driving force of technology innovation hollyland, expand enterprise scale, realize the industry holds a leading position. It can be said that the company's successful IPO is bound to Haolilai own development to bring the huge help, is bound to push the stock price continued to rise and the company continues to grow. 
 With the PV market in 2014 to enter the grab loading stage, Hollyland technology with listed shares rose Dongfeng, in the photovoltaic market also rewarding, compared with last year shipments is greatly improved. With many years of brand promotion, hollyland has been adhering to the "with artificial this, responsibility and sharing" concept, in the PV market hollyland technology has become the vanguard of the fuse PV market, leading. Now about to enter the 2015, according to the photovoltaic industry, the national policy and bank interest rate decreased by the East, the photovoltaic industry will enter a period of rapid development, Haolilai technology have confidence with numerous photovoltaic enterprises go hand in hand, a layer of floor.

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